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Who am I? Dipper pines, I guess... Technically speaking. I don't deserve that Title anymore.... I remember awhile ago when I called gideon a monster- I deserve the title more Than he does now, after what happened. Mind you, I didn't WANT it to happen, but that doesn't change the fact that it did. Just like how saying sorry does'nt change what you are saying sorry for. Though that should be obvious....heh...This is a lame chat... He was a horrible person... He missed mable so much...

~ Robbie knew a lot of things-he was a jerk-yes, he admitted it- Everyone that was'nt Wendy or his friends sucked-and Dipper pines-or as he liked to call him, dipper whines, sucked the most of all. Sadly, Wendy didn't seem to have realized this obvious fact. He was dealing with something more problematic, however... Dipper whines had Gone crazy, and was doing bad stuff, he was gonna take him down, then wendy would realize he was right about dipper whines, and change her mind about breaking up with him, and shada blam, insta- Wendy! So he was going to The garbage shack to confront him, what could possible go wrong? Wait-that reminded him of somethng- oh well. He wondered if the now driven to insanity dipper had knocked off annoying sweater girl yet. Ok, yeah, her real name was mabel, whatever. He headed into the mystery shack-nicknaming was getting annoying- And began to look around. Ok, this couldn't be to hard, dipper was a total wimp... Just then, he heard something hissing behind him- d-

~ This was bad, this was really bad... I've done it again, crossed the moral event horizon yet again... What is wrong with me?! Why can't I stop? I thought I'd be able to resist, I'd thought I'd be able to fight this, but no- I couldn't, I wasn't able to resist the darkness that had slipped inside me, not even to save my own sister- oh, poor mable... I miss her so much... How could I have done that to her? I miss wendy to... I miss all of them, even robbie, Oddly enough.... Oh, mable..... You were so nice....