Cryss Gossomer is a Gravity Falls OC created by Miya Parker


Cryss has a very interesting personality that could be described as loyal and sweet with a hint of crazy.

Unlike most Ocs paired with Dipper, Cryss doesn't hate Wendy, and understands what Dipper sees in her.

Early Life

Cryss was born to a very prim and proper family. They never let her just be friends with anyone. All her life, she lived in Columbus, with her father as a high ranking politician, and her mother a stage actress.

At fourteen, her and her sister, Tara, we sent to Gravity Falls to stay with their uncle, Buddy, and cousin, Gideon.


Cryss has strawberry blonde hair worn in a ponytail. She wears a purple long sleeved shirt with a pink bubble-vest on top, with black shorts, aqua tights, and black boots. Occasionally she may wear something else.

Known Family Members

Tara Gossomer - Older Sister

Gideon - Cousin

Roles In Fanfiction

The Amazing World of Dipper Pines

Cryss was born to extreme traditional parents. A politician, and a

stage actress. One summer, Cryss's parents send her, and her older sister, Tara,

to Gravity Falls to stay with her uncle and cousin. One day, Cryss is wandering

around the forest, avoiding her cousin, when she comes across the Mystery Shack,

and meets Dipper, who's bored out of his mind, after chatting with him, they

become friends, and secretly grow crushes on each other. When Gideon kidnaps

Wendy, Cryss helps Dipper retrieve her, with the help of Mabel. The next day,

Cryss almost reveals her crush to Dipper, and finds out from Mabel, that he

feels the same way. Cryss decides to reveal her crush, and her and Dipper start

dating. A week later, Grunkle Stan throws an Arabian Nights themed party, and

Dipper asks Cryss to be his date. Dipper decides for some pizazz, to go to the

party on a magic carpet. When Cryss and Dipper sing the magic song ('A Whole New

World') while on the carpet, they are magically transported to Agrabah. There,

they find out that they have to find the Genie to return home.

The Fabulous Land of Cryss Gossomer

The Falls 5


Cryss - Everyone

Cryssi - Dipper (It's a pet name he gave her)

Cryssanthemum - Her parents

Traitor - Gideon

Dude - Soos