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Dipper's Revenge Part 1Edit

Hey Dipper, can you get the door? Sure, I'll get it Mabel. Gideon, what are you doing here? I am here for Mabel.For the last time, She won't marry you!.

Gideon was at the door.Remember when he stole my flashlight and used it to shrink us? That was the most terrible thing that ever happened to us. I know Mabel, It was terrible.

I have an idea, REVENGE! Good idea Dipper. I will get the crystal, be back later. Alright Dip.

Mabel l, I'm back. Do you have the crystal? That is our backup plan, I had a different idea. What is it? Well, I travelled to the future and- Dipper how did you do that without a time machine? Well I cloned the time machine on the copy machine so we can have one. What did you get from the future? It's like a tape measure, but it can grow and shrink things.

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