Information about character Edit

Roxanne Edit

Age: 17

Description: Waist length, purple with pink streaks, hair. Chubby build, 4'9", Green eyes, has a birthmark of a sun on her stomach

Personality: Tomboy, energetic, would give up her life for Marybelle, Loves animals, and loves to go on adventures.

Power: Unknown

Symbol: Sun

Marybelle Edit


Description: Waist length, soft pale pink hair, Chubby build, 4'6" Ice blue eyes, has a birthmark of a moon on her stomach

Personality: Very girly, shy, quiet, would give up her life for Roxanne, soft spoken

Power: Unknown

Symbol: Moon

Chapter One~ Marybelle's P.O.V Edit

A bright light blinded me and my prison bubble burst. I was greeted by a familiar sight of my beloved Gravity Falls, Oregon. I witnessed Bill turn Mr. Stanford pines into a back scratch-er. I heard a grunt next to me and looked over to see Roxie waking up. I helped her up.

My voice rang through the emptiness, "Welcome back Roxanne."

"Marybelle? What happened."

"Our worst fears were realized, Bill Cipher has a physical form." Another prison bubble burst in the distance and Roxie and I were racing towards it. Upon arrival we noticed a group of people, about our ages.

"Yo! Do you know what just happened." Roxie yelled to them.

"Roxie what if Bill overhears? He might trap us in that place again." My soft voice spoke.

"Who are you?" A boy about my age asked.

"My name is Roxanne and that's Marybelle." I offered a wave to the boy and he waved back.