IN a parody of the film, STAR WARS, a reincarnation of MAbel must defeat the evil Siff overlords, with help from Soobacca, Dip Solo, Fiddleford W. Kenobi, and Princess Wendai.                 Story
Along time forward, in reincarnations of residents of Gravity Falls, a sip containing
Princess Wendai Cordana is getting attacked.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" shouted Depu TPO, a golden droid who enforced
law with help from his partner, Sherr 2D2. "Sherr 2! Where are you? Were bein' attacked,
and I'm scared! Sherr 2? Sherr 2!"
Meanwhile, Sherr 2D2 was with the princess herself, she was recording a message for her
old friend, Fiddleford W. Kenobi, that went like this,"Help me Fiddleford, you're kinda my
only hope. A little. I mean, I could get David Hassleho...never mind! Just help."
"Take these plans to Fiddleford, Sherr 2." ordered Princess Wendai.
"Where are your manners?" aid Sherr 2.
To be written