Dipper Pines was a lonely boy who lived in gravity falls. He didn't really find any girl there attractive, and the only one he could see himself with was his sister, Mabel. It wasn't the first timeDipper had had feelings for his sister, in fact, he's had feelings for her ever since they were shipped off to gravity falls for the summer. She's there for him, He's there for her. Now, this, of course, was just a fantasy of his. Being 16, He'd been there for four years without a nick of romance.

One normal-- or as normal as it gets in gravity falls --Weekday in Gravity Falls, Dipper was sitting on the couch, piled around his were the gang: Wendy, Soos, Grunkle stan, And Mabel. let's cut away from the story for a bit, Y'know those plastic tube thingy's with the water and glitter inside them? That little thing is what got us into this akward story. Mabel had one in her hand at the time, and was gawking it's glittery awesomeness, when everyone announced that they would be in the kitchen making dinner. Mabel stayed in the front room with Dipper, she was pacing the room, throwing the glittery invention around. Soon after this, she threw it a little too far, as a result, it landed in the wax figures room. "Ugh, i can't go in there. Not after what happened last time." She moaned.Dipper stood up. "I'm on it." And, with confidince, successfully retrieved the floppy object from the wax figures room.

"Here ya go, sis." He muttered. She jumped up."Oooohhh! Thank you, thank you!" She ran to Dipper, and hugged him. She stopped. "Dipper, is--" She jumped back, and blushed. "Uhh... S-- sorry!" Dipper shouted as he ran to his room. "Dipper!" Mabel managed. "I'm sorry!" He repeated, as he went to go take care of his little problem.

"Dinner's ready," Wendy shouted "Come on!" Mabel went to retrieve Dipper. "Dipper, come out of there." The door creaked open. "Hey, s-- sorry about before." Mabel blushed. "I-- it's no problem, bro bro," She managed throuth her tomatoe-red face. "Well, dinner's ready. Let's go eat." She looked into dippers eyes. "I'm 16, don't think I didn't know what you were doing in there. Although, I'd be happy to help next time." She giggled, and left the room.Dipper stood still.

"Shit." He whispered to himself.