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Everything was going well for dipper: Lately, the weather had been going well, and, more Importantly, him and Wendy were growing closer and closer and her and robbie were growing farther and farther apart. There was. One hitch though- Mable had been acting weird lately, and dipper was concerned. By weird, he meant mable was avoiding him and Wendy, and spending WAY to much time with her friends, plus she seemed Oddly unfocused, yeah, mable was silly, but not really unfocused. It was high time he figured out what was going on. Dipper headed up to mable's room and sat down with his ears pressed against the door, listening in... He felt kinda bad about eavesdropping, but it was necessary. Dipper soon could hear them talking.

Candy: when are we gonna start plan A? 

Mable: soon (while grinning) Candy: what if it does'nt work? Mable: we just have to hope it does! Before they said anything else, he heard their footsteps coming towards the door. Dipper tried to get away but soon they were outside and had seen him. " Dipper!how much did you hear?" Mable said anxiously. " I just heard about "plan A", ok? Mable let out a sign of relief, then dragged candy over to dipper and whispered something in her ear, then candy blushed and nervously said, " you want to go on a date"? Dipper froze- darn, he didn't want to reject candy, but he didn't love her, he loved wendy corduroy. Dipper looked at the ground and said sadly, "look, I'm sorry candy, but I don't like you that way, I know how I would feel if my crush rejected me, so I understand how upset you are, but I.. Don't love you that way" Candy started stareing at him-and stareing...

" candy?" Dipper said nervously. 

Candy walked away, and was soon gone... Then mable ran towards him and frantically tugged on her hair " plan A is ruined!" She screamed, then she ran of as well... Dipper ran after her and grabbed the back of her sweater, a stern expression on his face " mable?" She swatted his hand away and ran again, he tried to catch her, but failed.