Dipper: Man, I thought when Summer ended it would be my last sight of Gravity Falls.

Mabel: We're lucky we can stay for the holidays!

Soos: [walking in] Hey dudes! Did you see all that snow out there? It's crazy!

Dipper: [looking out the window] Awesome! Mabel, we've got to get ready to go outside!

Mabel: I'm gonna make a snowman!

Soos: Have you guys even heard of the Snowmen during Gravity Falls Christmas?

Dipper: Soos, not another legend. It's just like the one you made up at Summerween.

Mabel: But that legend was real, maybe he could be right.

Soos: Only in Gravity Falls, snowmen come to life if made by someone with Christmas spirit.

Dipper: Wow. That's the best you could think of?

[Later, Mabel has made two snowmen]

Mabel: Check out my snowmen, Dipper! One of them is alive!

[One of the snowmen shakes]

Dipper: Mabel! What have you done?

Waddles: [pops out of snowman] Oink.

Mabel: Gullible. You really thought it was alive, didn't you?

Dipper: Alright, you got me that time.

[Dipper and Mabel laugh and go inisde with Waddles. Suddenly, the other snowman's happy face forms into a mad face.]

[The theme song plays]