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Dipper& mable came downstairs for breakfast, grunklestan was reading the Newspaper " hey kids, it says gideon went missing! Yay! " " oh,also that Reporter dude". Dipper decided he was going to figure out what was going was Going on here, after finishing eating breakfast, of course. LATER ~ Dipper and mable were out on the the town, ready to figure out what was going On, defeat whatever was causing it. They headed to the forest because the book Said a lot of monsters lived in the forest. They saw a tree engraved with

A large heart, they came over, looking at the engraving." Do you think it has something to do with the monster?" Dipper asked. Mable shrugged, then dipper 

Felt the air grow cold.... He heard a hissing noise coming from the tree with The engraving "run!" He screamed, then he and mable started running, but it sounded like the hissing was coming closer and closer.... Dipper ran In terror, hopeing mable and himself could get away from the monster. Dipper heard a twig snap, and the hissing changed from a hissing to a howling Then to a shrieking, he didn't dare to look behind him. NO he had to deal with it! He turned around, only not to see the monster anywhere. He heard the shrieking behind him, where was mabel? He looked next to him- mabel! She was Gone! " mabel!!!" He screamed where was she? Had the monster taken her? "Mabel!!!!!". Something shoved him to the ground, then something rushed by his Head. He got up, and he was alone in the forest. " mable..... " he whispered Then he got up, he wasn't going to run anymore, he was going to find mabel, No matter what it took. Dipper begin to run deeper and deeper into te forest "Mabel!" He called out. "Mabel!"