Mysteries of Gravity Falls is my Fan-Made Series of Gravity Falls It Contains 2 seasons.My Wiki User name is GfMysterysolver

Main Synthosis

This Series is an Alternate Dimension that takes place after Little Dipper.

Season 1 is basically about Dipper and Mabel Getting real suspicious about Stan and that they Meet Phil(Their Uncle) who is a Monster Hunter.And that Mabel meets A boy named Jackson in the beginning of the season and Dipper meets a girl named Andrea in the end of Season 1.

In Season 2 it's about The twins moving to Phil's house after Blendin Blandon nearly kills Stan in the Season 1 Finale and are adjusting to their new surroundings.In the end of Season 2 Stan returns and they rebuild the destroyed Mystery Shack(Blendin destroys it in the Season 1 Finale)

List of Episodes

Season 1:The Tale of Bigfoot

Season 2:Revenge of the Fight Fighters,Werewolf Watches

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