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Dipper was going to defeat the monster, whatever it was Everyone kept going missing. He headed towards the forest, he knew the monster Would drag its victims there to devour them, hopefully it didn't eat its victims Immediately and he would be able to save at least some of them. The monster had kidnapped wendy, it had promised not to eat her if he came to It's ..... Dining spot. He was getting closer to the spot.. He had to save wendy... Had to save wendy... Soon, he reached the spot. Then, mable dropped Down from a tree "mable! You have to get out of here!". Then she said cheerfully, " a promise is a promise, dipper" then she headed over to a bush And dragged out a bound and gagged wendy, and untied her. Then she got up " dipper! Mable- " . "Quiet!" He stared at them... Oh no... "Mable? You're... The monster?"

(I saw a theory online that mable was evil)