Romance in the Falls Chapter 2 (Augghhh)

It was the night of the dance, and I put on a pink ball gown, did my hair up fancily, and put on pink lipstick. I also wore glass slippers. (Geddit? ‘Cuz she’s gonna lose one…Shh! don’t tell anyone! It’s a spolier) (You're not supposed to tell people what happens, or they won't want to read. Not that they want to now...)

When I got dere, Dipper met me at the dore, and I kissed him. Then he took me to thae dancefloor and we slow dance to Disgusting by Miranda Cosgrove. (Disgusting isn't a slow song!)

Then Big Thyme Rash (Why is it she can spell better now, but still can't spell that?) got on stage and sang ‘Nothin’ Ever Mattens’ (It's Nothing Even Matters, not 'Nothing Ever Mattens'! Mattens isn't even a word!)

“Jams is soooooo hawt” I sed (Geddit? ‘Cuz I like Jams!) (Too...Many....'Geddits?')

Then Dipper got all sad, depressed, and sad. (You said 'sad' twice)

“Aww, don B sad! Ur way hotter then Jams!” I sed

Then it was midnight.

“Oh shot! I have 2 go!” I sed, as I ran. (Cinderella knock-off much?)

When I got home, I noticed 1 of my slippers was missing. (Cinderella Knock-off: Confirmed)


Jams picks up the glass slipper, then walks over to Dipper (Geddit? ‘Cuz it rhymes!) (GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!)

“I think this belongs to Ur girlfirend” said Jams (Talia better not be his girlfriend!)

“Huh, it does, doesn’ it?” he replied (Cause that's how I react when someone finds something that belongs to one of my friends)

(That’s all 4 now, until later)

Honestly, I don't think anything could fix this fanfic....