Romance in the Falls Chapter One (A Story MSTed by Miya Parker)

Natalia Lilli Ariana Bridget Selena Daniella (Mary-Sue) Stone was, like, the most beautiful girl in the entire universe, and, like, everyone loved her. (But they didn't) She had (overly) perfect dark brown hair, purple eyes like amethyst, and pale white skin. (< Sue traits) She always wore apple red lipstick (Geddit? ‘Cuz I donut (Oh god, 'donut'?) like blood…), blue eyeshadow, and pink blush.

She strutted over to Dipper (Geddit? ‘Cuz she could be a supermodel… (Too many 'geddits')

“You ready for tonight?” asked Dipper

“I forgot, what are we doing?” asked Talia

Then Dipper got a ‘dude UR so retarded’ (I had no ideaa that Melissa had enough of an attention span to read 'My Immortal') look, and said:

“To that party, remeber?”

(Dat’s all 4 chapter 1)

Okay, honestly, when 'The Royal' and 'The Royal 2' got deleted from, she should have stopped writing all together. But her head must be thick for her to continue.