The Game of Life - or Death is the fourth episode of the series Gravity Falls: Secrets Unleashed.

Main SynthosisEdit

When Dipper, Mabel, and Soos are cleaning the attic, they come across a dusty old board game called Rise of the Game Master, which Grunkle Stan forbids them to play. But the three disobey him and once they start to play it, they notice something strange - the game comes to life! The three are teleport onto the game, where they meet the Game Master, the leader of the game, who tells them the rules of the game. But there's one catch: Only one player will escape the game, that one player can only choose one other player to save, while the last player will trapped in the game - forever!

Running GagsEdit

End Credits CryptogramEdit

QOLRYIBP FK QEB BVB LC QEB YBELIABO, which when put through the Caesar Cipher, becomes TROUBLES IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.