Stan is watching Television when Mabel feeds Waddles and Dipper comes from downstairs.Dipper watches What Stan is watching.Then,Stan goes to the restroom and Dipper sees a commercial about this hunter named Phil hunting Bigfoot and finds out there is a photo contest and decides to do it,but he needs to find out how.He realizes They could make a campfire.He tells Mabel and she wants to have one too.So,Dipper and Mabel tell Stan They want to make a campfire.Stan Says Yes they Invite Soos And Wendy and they decide to go.Mabel then gets Waddles and gets him to the campfire.Dippr later Forgets about the photo contest when he takes his book to the Campfire.They later make marshmellows,and Stan tells a 3 minute story about a man named Phil who went out camping when all of a sudden he heard rustling and he got his weapons for defense.Then,Bigfoot came out and attacked Phil.That's how the story ended when Dipper Hears Rustling.He tells Stan he heard something thinking it's Bigfoot then Grunkle Stan tells him there's no such thing and that the story was made-up.Then,Dipper Heads out alone with a flashlight.Wendy thinks he's might get lost and goes wih him to make sure he's ok.Meanwhile Mabel, Waddles,Soos and Stan eat the marshmellows when mabel realizes she never had a boyfriend except for the gnomes and Gideon.Dipper and Wendy end up finding the gnomes.The gnomes fused and fought Dipper and Wendy.Dipper and Wendy got beat up by the Formed gnomes For after 4 minutes of battling when Bigfoot Appears.Then the gnomes Get kicked by Bigfoot and seperate and run away,Dipper Is reaveled to have a camera and takes a photo But bigfoot destroys it.Dipper is angry and attacks Bigfoot.Wendy is hiding in the bushes when Soos and Mabel Get on the cart to look for Dipper and Wendy with waddles while Stan fell asleep on the floor.Later,Bigfoot almost ate Wendy when Dipper Hit him with the 3 Book then,Soos along with Mabel Hit Bigfoot with the cart.It then runs away. When they get back to the Shack Dipper and Wendy hug and tell Stan about what happened but doesn't believe them.Dipper is depressed about the Camera and the lost 3 Book when Wendy then cheers him up.Mabel is sad about not having a boyfriend but Dipper cheers him up.

Secret Code

The code is KRSO RH WRKKVI'H FMXOV.Try to solve it