Thomas Jonas Payne and his brother Phillip Gilligan Payne are to members of the CASBAS (Cartoon and Sim Breech Avoidance Squadron) who try prying couples like Paige and Robbie, and Cryss and Dipper apart.


The duo being excact oppisites (Phil's dumb and lucky, Tom's smart and unlucky) they both have the same beliefs. They believe Sims and Cartoon characters should not date people who they shouldn't have ever met. These brothers also believe that other agents in their feild such as Blendin Blandin, are not suit for the job.


The two brothers also have different personalities and backgrounds.

Thomas Payne is a scientist who was belived to make the mistake of letting the Pines twins start the anomolies. He lft his mother at the age of four to do great things. When he first went to the past, Grenda had a crush on him. Then he realized he couldn't do the mission alone, that's when he found Phillip G. Payne.

Phillip Payne is a cop who monologues himself through his mind. Him and his partner, Odif, went on many adventures through Miami. He always tried to help people, but hen they ended up needing stitches. He then decided he would go on the biggest case yet, and find his brother.

The missionEdit

To go through with the mission, the Payne brothers captured five civilians, Toby Detemined, Soos, Candy, Wendy, and Gideon.The also somehow ended up catchin Randy Cunningham and the Road Runner.

When Paige, Robbie, Mabel, Grenda, Melany, Dipper and Cryss went after them, Melany, Paige and Cryss got trapped as well. The brothers attempted to send the three along with, Randy and the Road Runner, into a black hole, but Will E. Coyote's sheme sent the Payne brothers and Will E. in instead.


  • The middle names are based on the Skipper and Gilligan from "Gilligan's Island."
  • Phillip and Odif's crime fighting life is based on the grand theft Auto characters.

Max Payne and Phillip Payne have the same last name and Personality.

Odif is Fido spelled backwards.

  • Them and their missionis based off th movie, "The Adjustment Beareu."