Time Repeats, Part 1 is a fan-made episode of Gravity Falls. In this episode, Grunkle Stan makes a machine which he calls the "Existance Timer", which he believes is fake. But when Dipper and Mabel try it out, it starts their entire summer over. But it gets worse...none of the mystic creatures have appeared since.


Grunkle Stan is showing some people a special machine called the "Mystery Existance Timer".

Stan: Behold, everyone! This thing will blow your socks off! Well, if you step in you won't have those socks anymore. It's the Mystery Existance Timer! This baby starts your entire summer over, removing everything you are used to very well, like these "Mystic Creatures" my great niece and nephew have been talking about."

Dipper: They're real.

Mabel: We've gone through this a gazillion times!

Stan: Back away, I'm trying to do a tour. *whispering in Dipper's ear* Don't tell's a fake. It won't do anything at all.

Stan continues his tour.

Mabel: What does this button do?

Dipper: Mabel! No! Let's be careful with the button. We don't want any trouble, do we?

Waddles: Oink.

Mabel: Good point. *short pause* Let's go watch Tiger Fist! Last one up is a rotten egg!

Dipper: Wait for me!

(theme song)



  • This is part 1 of a 3-part episode, which are all the last episodes of Season 1.